Off to see the Editor!

I haven’t been sleeping well. 

I think it is a mix of worry, the full moon, three animals who insist on snuggling with mom and the bed just not being comfortable. 

I should be thrilled right now. I have hired an editor, something that I have never done. I have also completed my developmental edits and sent the full manuscript to the editor to be torn apart. 

I know that there will are glaring issues and hope that she destroys my work. In a good way. 

Like most writers, I am probably a little too sensitive about my writing. My husband would be the first to tell you I don’t have a thick skin when people critique my writing. It’s weird, but because it will be a stranger telling me, the feedback will be better than my husband telling me anything about my writing. No offense, honey! 

But I keep getting this sinking feeling that the editor will send the manuscript back in a few days, apologize and say she can’t do anything with this mess. 

The only thing I can do is write for the next few weeks. I plan on diving into a new story and forgetting about the old one.

Outside of finding a book cover artist and figuring out a marketing strategy and getting copies readied for beta readers, checking with my beta readers to make sure they are still okay with reading it, up my blog posts and research building traffic to the blog…while maintaining a life. 

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