Oh Marketing, I don’t understand you.


In college, I heard people tell me they were taking marketing classes, and I did not understand what that meant. I assumed that it was an easy class as it was a business major who usually was telling me this. 

Now I know, not an easy class. 

I’ve read several books on marketing, listened to some podcasts and watched some YouTube videos. 

I still have no idea what I am doing. 

I know that if I want to be successful; I need a marketing plan, but everything I watch is so contradictory. One person says to blog, another person says don’t waste your time. Another person says Amazon is the only way to go. Another person claims Amazon is the worst. 

I am feeling so overwhelmed I want to scream. 

How, as a new author, am I supposed to figure this out? I don’t want to invest more money than I have to. I also understand that I will need to put some money towards marketing. I’ve started looking into some companies that can do this for me. Some of their prices seem too good to be true, and others are more expensive than editing. 

I just want to sell my book, make a little money, and feel like I accomplished at least one of my lifelong dreams. 

Right now, that seems too far away to be achievable. 

Book is still being edited. The world is on lockdown because of a virus. It is snowing again. 

Marketing. Not a fan.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Marketing, I don’t understand you.

  1. Nobody really knows what works any more. Years ago, I did all the stuff I was “supposed” to do, but things didn’t really happen for me until I stopped marketing, and simply focused on being productive. I hope this helps you too. Cheers


  2. Hi Darius!

    I’m glad to hear that I am not alone in my struggles!

    Focusing on being productive is the best advice someone could have given me right now. I have been slacking in the writing department!

    Thank you for your comment!



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