Book Cover?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a saver. I dislike to spend money and when I have to purchase something rather expensive, like a new dryer or a car, I spend MONTHS researching before I commit. Even then, I regret my decision. I started this writing journey over a year ago. I think if I had been more serious at the start, I would have stopped myself from doing it because it is so expensive. Editing, formatting, marketing, book cover design. Everything has a large price tag on it. 

I’ve had to change my perspective a bit. I look at this whole writing/publishing thing as an investment in myself. I have not has a problem investing my time in the writing. I might as well invest the money to wrap my writing with a pretty cover. Because we all judge books based on the cover. My target audience will pick up my book if the cover is creepy enough. I am one of those people. If the covers scream horror, it will be in my hands. 

I had to research. I’m sure you are all sick of me talking about the research. All the self-publishing bloggers, mailers, Youtubers of the world say the same thing. Invest in a good cover. You will probably have a killer story with amazing character and wonderful prose. But no one will pick it up if it looks like a small child drew the cover for you. But, like you maybe, I did not want to spend the money. Kris convinced me it would be okay. 

I found my cover designer the same way I found my editor on Reedsy. I will give a more detailed report on the Reedsy experience once I have complete both services. My book is still with the editor.

Finding a cover designer was a little more challenging than finding an editor. I spent days looking over people’s profiles, adding them to the maybe list. I reached out to four designers, heard from all of them, and could make a choice I was happy with. 

If you are in this process and are interested, Reedsy has easy to fill in forms for you to fill out. For the editor, it asks for a synopsis of your book, the characters, etc. You even upload a small sample of your work. One reason I went with my editor was because she offered to sample edit the selection for me so I could preview her work. None of the others did that. The form for the book cover designer is very similar. For this form, it will ask you to upload several covers of published novels that you like or kind of reflect what you want. I went to the bookstore, and I found several online. I’m excited to see what comes of the cover. 

If you are toying with the idea of saving money and not working with a cover designer, I would have to say don’t. Kris tried, but he just couldn’t get it to line up and do what a cover needs to do. 

Excited for my cover. Excited to get my book back edited soon. Just playing the waiting game now. 

Patience is not my strong suit.

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