Writing during Quarantine and struggling.

When we were originally told about this quarantine, my first thought was “I will get so much writing done!” (I was very concerned about the world. I am not heartless. I saw this as a silver lining.)

So far, this has been a miserable fail.

Granted, I am very worried about my husband who is considered an “essential” employee and still has to go out and work everyday. (Stop ordering things online. DO you really need that makeup box or those shoes? Someone still has to risk their health to bring it to you.) I’ve also been attempting to figure out how to do my job remotely.

I have struggled. With writing, with maintaining this blog. With not eating all the snacks in my pantry.

I am a person of structure. I really like having a routine and sticking to that routine.

I liked that I could get up at 5, work out, get ready for work and be in my classroom but 7:10 every morning. I liked knowing I would be home by 4. I knew I had that time to write, eat, play with my dogs, spend time with my husband. I liked climbing into bed at 9, reading or watching a little TV before falling asleep.

The structure has been taken from me. I have the freedom to do whatever I want. I should be thrilled.

Somehow, this makes it worse.

I found that I struggle to workout and write in the same days. I write with ease on the days I write first but then I don’t want to work out. On days I work out, once I shower, I struggle to find words. My normal 1500 words in an hour is done in two. I also upped my word count since I have all day to work on it. I rarely hit that 3000 goal.

I tried making audiobooks as a way to be involved in the industry and maybe make a little extra money right now. The three animals are against the being quiet and letting mom work in peace. For some reason, they will nap all day while I am working on my laptop or on my desktop in the office. But the second I go down to the makeshift recording studio we have, they all want inside the little room. Then they want to wrestle and bark and meow. Not really good for recording audio.

Exhausted after a morning of harrassment

I am throwing myself back into the writing. I read over my current work in progress, editing and adding in missing details. I know what i want to change and how I want to continue.

Is anyone else struggling to maintain structure? Is it just me that is not taking advantage of all this time that has been given to me? In my defense, Friends is on from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.

Would writing out my schedule help? If I force myself to workout first, then write, then lunch, would that help?

I don’t know what the answer is. But, I want to be successful at this writing for a living thing and I’ve been given the opportunity to figure it out. I need stop watching Friends and do this. Only I can make my future happen.

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