Reviews! How am I going to get them?

Ah marketing. We meet again.

person holding white and brown newspaper
Photo by Ekrulila on Pexels.com

Over the past few weeks, I have turned my attention back to marketing. I realize that there is no actual way of knowing what will work until I do it. While on Reedsy, I found they have a program called Discovery. You can pay to have a reviewer give you a review. Then, if they like it, it will be included in their newsletter for readers. You can have it up-voted and other things that I don’t really understand right now.

I figured for $50, I could try it. The website told me to set my launch date for 5 weeks from submission. Giving the reviewers time to review, and for it to appear in their newsletter. When you submit, they ask you to upload your cover, your first chapter and then the rest of the novel for the reviewer to read if it is selected. Throughout the process, the website reminds you that this is a gamble, someone may not want to read your book.


I submitted my book last Tuesday. I was excited, but I expected that a nobody like me would get a reviewer quickly. If at all.

A reviewer had selected to read it the next morning. Less than 24 hours. I squealed and jumped up and down like a child. Maggie was less than impressed, but Asta celebrated with me.

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I haven’t heard back yet. But that’s okay. But my beautiful cover did its job. It caught someone’s eye. My first chapter must have been intriguing enough to make someone wants to keep reading.

My second option for reviews was on a website called Reader’s Favorite. (I keep typing in Reader’s Choice. Not the same thing.) Their process was similar. You have more options here though. There was a free option but it could take up to 3 months. Then you could pay $59 for a review in two weeks, and the prices go up from there for up to 5 reviews. This website also has an email list that you can sign up for to get book recommendations.

I elected to do the free one to try it out. Perhaps for the next novel, I will do the paid. I just uploaded it and have not heard a word.

How many of you let reviews influence your choice in your reading? What I like to read is drastically different from other people. Most of my friends can’t get enough of the Outlander series. I had to put it down. Not my type of story. Most of my friends think I am insane because I love to reread The Shining every year around Halloween.

I don’t look at the reviews. I mean, in the store, you can’t. And on Amazon, I have Kindle Unlimited. I have the luxury of picking up and book and returning it half finished it I didn’t like it.

But since learning about the importance of reviews, I have been leaving mine on the books I read. I just recently left my first critical review. An example of why it is hard for us self-publishers to be taken seriously.

I’ll update once I hear back on my reviews. Until then, be kind. Leave your last read a review. They will love you for it. 

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