Reedsy Review

***I’m not getting anything for writing this review. When I started this process, I found little to help me decide on Reedsy. I feel it is important to share my experience. I cannot be held liable if your experience is not the same.

When I started writing The Haunting of Locker 31 last November, I assumed it would be like most of my writings. I would get it mostly done or have a very rough draft on my hands and then it would sit in storage on my computer forever. I’ve said before that there was a difference this time. Maybe it was maturity, maybe it was my husband always asking me what stage I was at, maybe it was the desire to actually see one of my dreams come to life, I don’t know. But I finished the first draft in January and I spent a few months figuring out the next step.

Obviously, I needed an editor. Kris and I researched, finding a lot of services, for lots of money all over the place. I knew I would have to pay money, but I didn’t want to have to pay that much money. So I looked to some experienced self-published authors for advice and I found myself on Joanna Penn’s website, The Creative Penn. She has an entire section of recommendations. That is where I first heard of Reedsy.

You can hire an editor, a designer, someone in publicity or marketing, someone to translate your book, a ghostwriter or a website designer. Reedsy allows self-publishing authors to connect with freelance professionals.

I could navigate the website easily and found a plethora of editors. I narrowed down the search with a couple clicks in the filter. Part of my problem before Reedsy was not knowing how to solicit the services of an editor. Reedsy made it simple with a form that I filled out. I put my category, a summary of my book, how many words and what sort of services I was looking for. I even put my price range. I could select 5 editors whose profiles I liked and email them all at the same time. They then had so long to respond to me with offers. (It is important to know that Reedsy charges a fee that is included in the agreement/contract between you and the freelance professional you have chosen to work with. Both my fees were around $50. Not horrible.)

I found my editor in two days. She did everything I asked for and more. She was polite; she knew what she was talking about and did not seem to care that I was a first-time author. I hope she and I can work together again.

The process for the cover designer was the same. I had to find several covers of already published books to send to them so they knew what I wanted. Again, I found my cover designer in just a few quick days. And I loved working with her. (Not going to lie, her covers to stood out as some of the best, but she introduced herself as a fellow coffee addict so I knew it was meant to be.)

It is recommended by Reedsy that you keep all communication within their system. I imagine that if you form a contract with someone, Reedsy will then be able to help if something were to happen with your professional. This did not happen to me, so I can’t speak to that personally. I can say that one reason I went with both my ladies was because they would not charge me full price upfront. We agreed on so much up front and then the rest when they completed the product. I would recommend that you do the same if you set up a contract with anyone. Reedsy has page about project protection.

The coolest part about this was that both my editor and cover designer are in England. Which isn’t surprising since Reedsy is a British company. .If you are more comfortable working with someone in America or wherever you are from, you could probably find them. I did not feel that I needed to do that. Personal choice.

Another impressive feature of Reedsy is their book formatting tool. You have the option to write your novel directly on there. Or, I copied and pasted each chapter in. I was able to format my book for both ebook and paperback this way. And it was free! I follow a couple Facebook Writer Groups and people are always looking for someone to do that for them. Why pay someone when you can just do it yourself?

I mentioned this in a previous post that I have submitted my book to Reedsy Discovery. This program is $50 and I will receive a review. The book may appear in a newsletter that is sent out to Reedsy Discovery subscribers. At the time of this post, I have not received my review or seen what the effects of going through this process is. So I am not willing to give my opinion on it yet.

Reedsy has some other cool features, like a blog with helpful tips, free courses and a YouTube Channel. All designed to help you be successful. In their FAQ section, they break down the various services you might look for. This was helpful when I started the process. I wasn’t sure what sort of editing I needed. (I needed all the editing.)

Overall, I would recommend Reedsy to the self-publisher. Everything is there for you and it is easy to manage. I found amazing people to work with. I hope you do too!

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