Metal Work

Beginning Metal Projects

My first project was a welding table. I figured I needed a good base to have a flat, level surface to work on.

The HF welder has since been replaced.

It is built using 2×3 rectangular tubing for the base with an expanded metal shelf. The dimensions are 3′ x 6′, half using 1 x 3 tubing to keep the weight down, the remainder a chunk of 1/2 ” steel plate.

I opened up a little booth in Florence, Colorado with a few things. I hope to expand the diversity of items in the future.

Just an assortment of things worked on and in progress

Creature for my mom’s garden

I have looked at photos and videos from other crafters and have tried to take inspiration in the beginning. I do not want to copy anyone’s design outright. I will see what I can come up with in the future.

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