New Book!

Hello everyone! It has been a while!

Life here has gotten a little crazy. I went through some personal things that I would rather not share right now. But I promise to be back and more active from now on.

I am excited to announce the release of my second book, Three Finger Jack. This is the start of a series entitled Deadly Ghost Stories.

Cover Design by: Miss Nat Mack

“Dear Reader,

Congratulations on finding this one of a kind, life-changing book. Before you venture to read any of the following stories, I am compelled to warn you. The tales you are going to read are of a most gruesome and sinister nature. All are based on people who are no longer living but are still with us. If you do read a story, be prepared for consequences. You’ve been warned.”

When April and Steve head off to the mountains to enjoy a weekend of skiing and hot tubbing, neither of them expects anything dire to happen. April is excited to experience a true high school party weekend while Steve plans to finally make April see him as something other than the boy next door.

When a member of the group shares a one of a kind book of ghost stories, the group gathers to read the story of Three Finger Jack, brushing the warning off as a scare tactic to encourage reading. The next morning, the teens wake to find one of their own hanging by her ankles with her throat cut in the garage. Snowed in, alone and being hunted, the teens’ weekend of fun turns deadly.

Order your copy here!  

I was inspired to write this book from a ghost story I remember hearing on a over night field trip I took in 5th grade. I remember sitting around the fire with the other girls in my class, thinking it was so cheesy of our teacher to hold the light under his face like that. I also remember not sleeping. Not because of the story, but because the little cabin we were in was cold. Every time I sit around a campfire, I would hear that story in my head. Of course, it had to work its way out onto the page. The cold. the story and the memory.

I hope you enjoy this work!

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