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A little paranormal influence and Authortube.

Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to expand my marketing and one site that keeps coming up over and over is YouTube.

YouTube has been mentioned in my marketing/self publishing book collection several times, but I was hesitant. Mostly because the thought of filming myself had always been a little off-putting.

But, with the pandemic, I had to get over that for my job and started filming videos of myself for my students. Then, on Halloween while watching Ghost Nation and eating pizza, Kris suggested we go on a ghost hunt of our own to a hotel in Colorado. No, not the Stanley. This one is called the Black Monarch and is in Victor, Colorado. It has been advertising that is haunted, and I have been dying to go since I read about it months ago.

Spock proofing this post for me. He said he wasn’t very impressed.

Now we are going, and Kris, true to his nature, has purchased several pieces of “ghost hunting” equipment, including a EMF gauge, a REM pod, digital recorder, and infrared camera. Kris also suggested that we finally go through with my YouTube Channel and create a section on my page so people can see where I get my inspiration. I didn’t know if that was a thing. Another reason I didn’t want to do a channel was most of the videos seem to be advice for writers/authors. I don’t have enough experience to be giving advice. I also didn’t want to only post videos about ghost hunting and paranormal. I do love that but I have really enjoyed writing a romance and will probably try that again very soon.

The last few days in-between fights with GIMP, the software I am using to create my cover, and trying to write the next in the Deadly Ghost Stories, I did some research and found there is a special place on YouTube for authors. Perhaps you knew this, but I did not. It is called AuthorTube. There are a lot of authors on there, all trying to help each other out in this crazy publishing world. In my research, I found that I could do whatever I want on my channel. Will it get views? Who knows!

So, I will start an Authortube channel in the coming weeks. It will have what works for me as an author along with where I get my inspiration for the books I write, how I write when we travel, how I write with a full-time job. Basically, it will be an extension of this platform. I will be sure to post a link for my channel on here along with links to the videos I do.

2 thoughts on “A little paranormal influence and Authortube.”

  1. …it might be interesting, I heard YouTube is quite popular for book bloggers and writers, but I never used it. I rarely watch YouTube, maybe once in 2-3 months. In any case, would be interesting to know how it goes for you and good luck! ✌️☕️📚


  2. Thank you for the well wishes! I’ve been avoiding it for a while because I didn’t see it as a realistic tactic. Like you, I do not use it very often but I work with teenagers (my target audience) and I asked them what would rather do, watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast. And they all said YouTube. Unless it was True Crime then they wanted a Podcast. Teenagers are a weird breed. 😁


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