About US

The Colorado Bjorson’s

Kris Bjorson:

I have lived in Colorado for the last 21 years. I moved to Colorado with my family, when my father’s company transferred him here. Best thing we ever did. I enjoy mountain biking, camping, windsurfing and whitewater kayaking. I met Deidre (Dede) online (kinda) 3 years ago; she worked at the school with my best friend so I already knew if she was crazy or not. She says I’m way too much of a smart a$$. Oh, well. I am always going; I love to do little projects and organize (or reorganize) everything. We tied the knot in July 2019 after three years of dating. I have aspirations of being a novelist, carpenter, welder, mechanic, living in a van down by the river but the attention span of a squirrel. 

Deidre Bjorson responds to Dede: 

I was born and raised in Colorado and spent my childhood with my family on our boat skiing, swimming, fishing and eating. When we got older, my dad sold the boat with intentions of getting a faster one, but that never happened. I floated through school and career, always a little bored. Until I met Kris who challenged me to try new things (like paddle boarding and boogie boarding in a river). He pushes me to not spend the day reading on the couch and I remind him that Sunday is bum day. We balance each other out. I also hope to be a novelist but am my own worst critic. 

You will frequently see:20200202_151317

Asta, our Australian Shepard/Whippet mix. He is two years old, never rests and always causing trouble. Yes, if you have seen/read the Thin Man Series, that was the inspiration for his name. 


Maggie, our Harrier. She is also two years old and the newest member of the Bjorson clan. Cute as a button but ferocious as a lion.

Spock the Cat aka Skittles. He is 6 years old and spends most of his days in the office, outsmarting the dogs and interrupting important work.