Writing during Quarantine and struggling.

When we were originally told about this quarantine, my first thought was “I will get so much writing done!” (I was very concerned about the world. I am not heartless. I saw this as a silver lining.) So far, this has been a miserable fail. Granted, I am very worried about my husband who isContinue reading “Writing during Quarantine and struggling.”

Off to see the Editor!

I haven’t been sleeping well.  I think it is a mix of worry, the full moon, three animals who insist on snuggling with mom and the bed just not being comfortable.  I should be thrilled right now. I have hired an editor, something that I have never done. I have also completed my developmental editsContinue reading “Off to see the Editor!”

A lazy girl’s writing advice

Good news!  The manuscript is not as big of a disaster as I was expecting. Going back and reading during the writing process really helped me keep the plot under control. I’m not saying there are no mistakes. Because there are a lot of those. But it isn’t as bad as last time I attemptedContinue reading “A lazy girl’s writing advice”

Mansions of Madness

Full disclosure: We love board games. We have a cabinet for our games, but right now we have a stack next to the dining room table. Because we classy.  One of our (Dede’s) New Year Resolutions, host a game night for our friends at least once a month. We used it as an excuse toContinue reading “Mansions of Madness”