Wisdom Teeth and Draft 2

This weekend was weird. On Friday, I had 3 wisdom teeth removed. I have needed it done for a while and I just couldn’t put it off any longer. The day wasn’t great. I was hungry. My appointment wasn’t until 2 and I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Why doctors think that’s cool to doContinue reading “Wisdom Teeth and Draft 2”

Audio book struggles are real! (Or maybe just imagined.)

Has anyone every recorded or considering recording one of their books? In all the posts/books/videos I watch, the “experts” recommend recording an audio book to increase your sales. I want to increase my sales when I publish. Which is very, very soon. Last night, I started recording my book. I am happy to report that itContinue reading “Audio book struggles are real! (Or maybe just imagined.)”

Writing during Quarantine and struggling.

When we were originally told about this quarantine, my first thought was “I will get so much writing done!” (I was very concerned about the world. I am not heartless. I saw this as a silver lining.) So far, this has been a miserable fail. Granted, I am very worried about my husband who isContinue reading “Writing during Quarantine and struggling.”