Defeated Writer’s Block or Just Bad Writing?

I have written almost every day for the last two weeks. But there have been some nights that I’ve walked away knowing what I just wrote was utter garbage! Things even teenage me would have cringed to read. That is the beauty of a first draft though, it can all be garbage. Because the magicContinue reading “Defeated Writer’s Block or Just Bad Writing?”

Writing Workshops and Conferences

My personal experience with conferences has never been good. I’ve never found the speakers to be engaging and most attendees seem more interested in the after conference night life than the actual conference itself. I also always balk at the price tag associated with most conferences. Yikes, they can be a budget buster. Instead ofContinue reading “Writing Workshops and Conferences”

A Cowboy Christmas Wedding-Available Now!

The day is here! You can now order A Cowboy Christmas Wedding! My new novel, A Cowboy Christmas Wedding is now available on both Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. A contemporary, sweet, holiday romance that will warm your heart and leave you believing in the magic of Christmas and love. Isabella Davis is a successful,Continue reading “A Cowboy Christmas Wedding-Available Now!”

A little paranormal influence and Authortube.

Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to expand my marketing and one site that keeps coming up over and over is YouTube. YouTube has been mentioned in my marketing/self publishing book collection several times, but I was hesitant. Mostly because the thought of filming myself had always been a little off-putting. But, with the pandemic,Continue reading “A little paranormal influence and Authortube.”

Wisdom Teeth and Draft 2

This weekend was weird. On Friday, I had 3 wisdom teeth removed. I have needed it done for a while and I just couldn’t put it off any longer. The day wasn’t great. I was hungry. My appointment wasn’t until 2 and I couldn’t eat or drink anything. Why doctors think that’s cool to doContinue reading “Wisdom Teeth and Draft 2”