Off to see the Editor!

I haven’t been sleeping well.  I think it is a mix of worry, the full moon, three animals who insist on snuggling with mom and the bed just not being comfortable.  I should be thrilled right now. I have hired an editor, something that I have never done. I have also completed my developmental editsContinue reading “Off to see the Editor!”

A lazy girl’s writing advice

Good news!  The manuscript is not as big of a disaster as I was expecting. Going back and reading during the writing process really helped me keep the plot under control. I’m not saying there are no mistakes. Because there are a lot of those. But it isn’t as bad as last time I attemptedContinue reading “A lazy girl’s writing advice”

Down the rabbit hole, learning about publishing a book….

Yikes! My wife wants to be a writer; I enjoy goofing off (It’s no secret). Anyway, the original plan was she writes and I learn how to do audio books, maybe hers one day. I built a room in our basement, gathered the required gear. Sitting down at my computer, scrolling through endless books, IContinue reading “Down the rabbit hole, learning about publishing a book….”