Writing Workshops and Conferences

My personal experience with conferences has never been good. I’ve never found the speakers to be engaging and most attendees seem more interested in the after conference night life than the actual conference itself. I also always balk at the price tag associated with most conferences. Yikes, they can be a budget buster. Instead of full-fledged conferences, I sign up for free webinars and virtual workshops. I like the price tag but I find I usually get what I pay for. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Last week, I attended a free virtual author’s talk with Darcy Coates. This week, I am attending a class about getting through writing challenges. The talk with Darcy was fun, and she provided some helpful tips, motivation, and an interesting reading list. I am hoping the workshop today helps me get some more motivation to finish this damn novel.

After Darcy Coates talk, I woke up the next day anxious. I couldn’t focus on my normal reading, even though it was the brand new issue of Writer’s Digest. I googled “Best Writing Conferences” and I was not surprised but a little disappointed to find that most are being held online this year. I was thrilled to find there are several writers conferences being held in Colorado this year. The Northern Colorado Writer’s Conference is mostly online, but I was happy to discover they were having 1 in person day with limited seating. So I signed up. I actually paid a fee. Woo! That’s a big step for me.

This will be first in person writing conference and although it isn’t until April, I am so excited. I am tempted to do as my sister-in-law does for my niece and nephew when they are anxiously waiting for something big and exciting to happen. They create those paper chains out of colorful construction paper and every morning; they get to cut off on the link, counting down until the day.

Photo by Giallo on Pexels.com

Have you ever attended a conference or a workshop? Did you make connections? Learn something that helped you with your goals? Do you have any recommendations?

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