Audio book struggles are real! (Or maybe just imagined.)

Has anyone every recorded or considering recording one of their books? In all the posts/books/videos I watch, the “experts” recommend recording an audio book to increase your sales. I want to increase my sales when I publish. Which is very, very soon.

Last night, I started recording my book. I am happy to report that it has gone through professional editing and is in the hands of my final betareaders. I have gotten some very positive feedback and am very excited to publish soon.

My cover design is done, and I am so pleased. I could never in a million years have come up with or executed what my cover designer did. She is amazing.

Back to the original idea for this post. Recording the audiobook as been a mix of frustrating and fun. Kris built a tiny sound room down in the basement we sound proofed with cheap fabric and foam pieces. Inside it is so quiet! Perfect for recording.

I would prefer to record in the morning. I am more alert and able to speak for longer periods without stumbling over simple words like the or terminal. The problem? These three. 

Adorable as they are, they are the worst coworkers.

They have become especially attached to me since I’ve been stuck at home since March 13th. Yes, I’ve gone out for groceries and some outside activities like walking or biking. But 98 percent of the time, I’m at home with them. And they want to be in the same room as me. Right now, they are all in here, napping.

In the mornings though, they all come downstairs and the second I close myself into the little room, it is like I have disappeared and all three spend the entire time I am in the room attempting to break in. If I didn’t want kids before, these last few months with my 3 fur children have solidified that kids are a no go for me. Mama needs her space.

Kris locked the animals away in our room with him when he got home and I could record the first three chapters last night. The goal is to keep it up until it is completely recorded. Editing has been surprisingly easy. I watched a few YouTube videos that offered suggestions on what to do and found this one that really helped me. If you are considering narrating audio books at all, I would suggest her videos. They are so helpful! Become an Audiobook Narrator.

I am hoping to launch my book at the end of this month. My family has mostly finished reading and given me some outstanding feedback for last-minute changes. Just have to finish this audiobook…does someone want to borrow three adorable, not annoying at all, animals for a few weeks? 

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